Red Velvet

Silky smooth and light sponge, paired with smooth vanilla bean buttercream.

White Chocolate with Honeycomb 

Creamy white chocolate with homemade honeycomb pieces, paired with white chocolate and vanilla bean buttercream.

White Chocolate with Raspberry

Creamy white chocolate with fresh raspberries, paired with vanilla bean and crushed raspberry buttercream.

Black Forest

Indulgent chocolate sponge made with buttermilk, drenched in sweet cherry brandy liqueur, and filled with chunky cherry jam, paired with vanilla bean buttercream.


Chocolate Indulgence

Rich and moist chocolate sponge, perfectly filled with salted caramel, and paired with vanilla bean buttercream.

Lemon Lover

Fresh and light sponge infused with zesty lemons, saturated in homemade lemon curd and paired with a subtle lemon buttercream.

Chocolate Orange

A twist on Terry's, with a rich chocolate sponge infused in orange zest, paired with an oh so sweet orange and chocolate buttercream. 


Delightfully moist and subtle zesty orange cake, paired with cinnamon and vanilla bean buttercream.

Traditional Victoria Sponge

Light and sweet sponge, traditionally paired with strawberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream. Opt for raspberry jam for a tangy alternative. 

Cappuccino and Walnut

Deep and dark cappuccino sponge laced with walnuts and paired with salty caramel buttercream.

Caramel Dream

Sweet and salty caramel tones complimented by salted caramel buttercream and salted caramel sauce. 


Moist and sweet carrot sponge paired with vanilla bean buttercream.

Macarons, Cupcakes, and Biscuits also available. 


If you are allergic to nuts, wheat, dairy, gluten or any other foods please do make me aware of this when you are ordering. I am not able to provide cakes which use diary free or gluten free ingredients. I am not able to provide egg free or low sugar options. 

All eggs which are used are free range and all cakes are suitable for vegetarians.