Sleek and smooth bordered with gold leaf and topped with macarons and chocolate sails. Colours can be changed to suit your requirements. Please specify colours in further information box. 


Available in 3 sizes -


4 inch - serves 8

6 inch - serves 20

8 inch - serves 30


Flavour Options - 


Red Velvet

Silky smooth and light sponge, paired with smooth vanilla bean buttercream.


White Chocolate with Raspberry

Creamy white chocolate with fresh raspberries, paired with vanilla bean and crushed raspberry buttercream.


Chocolate Indulgence

Rich and moist chocolate sponge, perfectly filled with salted caramel, and paired with vanilla bean buttercream.

Lemon Lover

Fresh and light sponge infused with zesty lemons, saturated in homemade lemon curd and paired with a subtle lemon buttercream.

Chocolate Orange

A twist on Terry's, with a rich chocolate sponge infused in orange zest, paired with an oh so sweet orange and chocolate buttercream. 


Delightfully moist and subtle zesty orange cake, paired with cinnamon and vanilla bean buttercream.


Traditional Victoria Sponge

Light and sweet sponge, traditionally paired with strawberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream. Opt for raspberry jam for a tangy alternative. 

Cappuccino and Walnut

Deep and dark cappuccino sponge laced with walnuts and paired with salty caramel buttercream.


Moist and sweet carrot sponge paired with vanilla bean buttercream.

Loaded Drip